Welcome to the official website Emmaus le havre – cauville

Emmaus Cauville launches its Facebook group to facilitate the journeys of these buyers and donors!

As a community we are used to helping each other between companions, volunteers and employees (here called the tripod).

Link of the facebook group: Les chineurs d’Emmaüs Le Havre-Cauville (covoiturage)

We hope that our donors and buyers, new or regular, can also have a space for sharing, exchange and mutual aid.

Main objective We hope that this group will be able to allow those who wish to offer carpooling to come and buy second hand or give away their objects, furniture or clothing in our two Emmaus sales areas in Le Havre and Cauville.
Ce groupe est une réponse à une problématique qui concerne beaucoup de jeunes notamment, qui souhaitent soutenir notre cause ou simplement chiner, mais qui n’ont pas de voiture pour venir jusqu’à Cauville-sur-Mer.
Secondary objective : We would love to see you share your findings, and what happens to your purchases from Emmaus: renovation, recycling workshops, DIY, art, etc. We want to recreate the bond and that our community can continue to develop and welcome people in difficulty and who seek to rebuild themselves through mutual aid and community life. You can also share your experience in Emmaus at any time.