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Many changes have taken place in Emmaus Cauville in a short time! 
Since the beginning of the year Emmaus has been gradually rearranging its store in Cauville to offer its customers the most enjoyable visit possible.
In March, the brand new book and stationery department opened its doors, followed in April by the creation of the old haberdashery, fabric and linen department. The Emmaus team has also installed a second caisse to reduce the waiting time for buyers.. On May 30, the association celebrated the opening of the toys and childcare department and finally in June, Emmaus inaugurated its hardware department.
That’s not all, the work continues: instead of the old toys section there will be a large space dedicated to special sales and the corner of designer clothing will also be refreshed.
Haberdashery and hardware departments: open Tuesday and Saturday
Jewellery department: open only on Saturdays
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